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Tax Tips

Tax Year 2009

  • Economic Recovery Payment - Not taxable for federal purposes, but it reduces any making work pay credit or government retiree credit you may qualify for.

  • Making Work Pay Credit - If you have earned income from work, you may be able to take this credit. It is 6.2% of your earned income but cannot be more than $400 ($800 if married filing jointly.)

  • Government Retiree Credit - You may be able to take this credit if you get a government pension or annuity, but it reduces any making work pay credit.

  • Unemployment Compensation - You do not have to pay tax on unemployment compensation up to $2,400 per person for the year.

  • Qualifying Child Definition Revised

    • Your qualifying child must be younger than you unless the child is permanently and totally disabled.

    • A child cannot be your qualifying child if her or she files a joint return, unless the return was filed only as a claim for refund.

    • If the parents of a child can claim the child as a qualifying child but no parent so claims the child, no one else can claim the child unless that person's AGI is higher than the highest AGI of any parent parent who can claim the child.

    • Your child is a qualifying child for purposes of the child tax credit only if you can and do claim an exemption for him or her.

  • First Time Homebuyer Credit - The credit increases to as much as $8,000 ($4,000 if married filing separately) for homes bought after 2008 and before May 1, 2010 (before July 1, 2010, if you entered into a written binding contract before May 1, 2010). You can choose to claim the credit on your 2009 return for a home you bought in 2010 that qualifies for the credit. You generally must repay any credit you claimed on your 2008 return if you sold your home in 2009 or the home stopped being your main home during 2009.







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